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El Cocal is a pollution free place, where the harmony of nature let us enjoy and feel freer. Sandpits, mounts, and a large beach where an old aground ship remains. Which gives the name to our camping and hostel, El Cocal. The camping is located half a mile above the sea, has a big common house and a panoramic deck that makes it a natural balcony. From here is possible to see whales, dawns, and the magical moon rise in the sea skyline.

If you have in mind to have your vacation with your family, rest and enjoy good times with your friends, remind that El Cocal is a natural destiny.

El Cocal Rocha´s green environmental camping invites all of you natural tourism lovers to be part of it. Recreation, green spots, the beach, the mount, and the scenario of the aground ship, also being a great fishing point, makes El Cocal the ideal place, to enjoy your vacation in peace and harmony with nature.

Come to see us!! Don’t let them tell you, you have to see it for yourself: nature, peace, immensity and fulfillment.